A very warm welcome to you!
My name is Linda Zsolnai. I am a newborn, maternity and family photographer in Budapest.

Photography is a gift for me from fate, where I can achieve myself, and it could become my profession. Of course, it is much more than that. To see beauty and unique and to have beauty and unique seen, and to catch the moment.

My objective is to take photos of you and your loved ones, the most important events of your life which generate emotions in you, make you laugh or touch you, and I do my job with utmost care.

I try to eternalize moments that express the cheerful world and wonder of childhood, or love in family. These moments pass in a minute but photos stay forever to tell a story. The story of Your life.

Of course, I also keep the four-legged members of your family in my mind. Photographing dogs is also my ambition. I think they must also belong to the family photo album because we get so much generous love from them.

I try to put fun, calmness and lots of love into my photography because I know these are reflected in the pictures. I would like to make every photograph a lifelong experience.

Call me with confidence if you want to make your home lovelier with new fabulous photographs.

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”-Annie Leibovitz

Linda   ZséeL Photography