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About Dog photography sessions

If you also consider your dog as a member of your family, you have surely thought about eternalizing your pet in professional photos, and how good it would be to be together with them in the photos.

However, you have thrown away the idea thinking that your dog is a bit naughty or too old for being photographed. Do not let it discourage you, just call me for taking dog photos! I have already taken pictures of 7-month-old puppies, and 15-year-old deaf dogs, and in both cases charming photos were taken.

Photographing dogs is a great challenge for the photographer; however, it is not a mission impossible. If I can cooperate well with the owner – with You -, I can surely take charming pictures of your dog. However, I need your help too! Do not think about any difficult tasks. The point in photographing dogs is what tricks we use to keep your dog’s attention to look into the camera. So our task is to stand on our head make strange noises, throw balls in order to persuade your dog to look into a particular direction while I am trying to be somewhere between your dog and the delicious chicken snacks. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? I am just joking, it is not difficult at all. So far in all cases photographing dogs has proved to be a funny way to spend some hours.

Believe me, it will be a life-long experience for you and of course you can eternalize your most faithful mate, the four-legged member of your family in beautiful photographs.

Dog photography session can take place outdoors regardless of the season and also in a studio, or even in your own home.

For more information, feel free to contact me at the contact details below, I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have!

Linda Zsolnai

Phone: + 3670-600-1225

Email: info@zseelphotography.com