Name of data controller: Maracskó-Zsolnai Linda E.V.

Represented by: Maracskó-Zsolnai Linda

Tax number: 7645399-1-43

Address: 1181 Budapest Havanna utca 15. 11

Email address: info@zseelphotography.com

Address of the data controller’s website: www.zseelphotography.com

Phone number: +3670-600-1225

My business provides photography services to its clients. I mainly do photography activities for children and families. Personal data will also be processed in connection with these activities.

The photography service is preceded by an invitation to quote, in the form of an email, phone, or social media message. The contracting authority will provide you with your name, email address where I will send my relevant offer. If the offer is rejected, we will delete the person’s personal details. If the data subject subscribes to the offered service, I will be given access to additional personal data of natural persons.

During my activity, my partners’ email address and phone number are also known to me. In this way, I process personal information entered into the system primarily to fulfill our contractual obligations. If the contract with the partner is terminated and the statutory retention obligation does not apply to the retention of data or documents, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will be deleted.
I take great care of the security of the personal data of my partners and clients. I act in full compliance with legal provisions.

I keep the data and papers I receive during the photo shoot in accordance with the regulations, cannot be accessed by a third party, and after 1 year archive them in accordance with legal regulations.

The legal basis for data management is the voluntary consent of the persons applying for the photo shoot. These individuals accept this Policy and consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with this Policy. Upon registration, the Customer will provide the details (name, email address, telephone number) required for identification and contact. The primary purpose of managing your registration information is to keep in touch until the time you submit your photos. The Photographer will delete the provided data if: -the handling is unlawful or is ordered by law; -the client concerned requests it; -the data is incomplete or inaccurate and makes it impossible to use; -the purpose of the data management has ceased; or ordered by court. The client concerned may request the deletion of his or her personal data.

I primarily present my activities and reference photos on my own website and social networking sites. The website provides visitors with information on the services. The website uses cookies, which also collect personal information about the visitors.

I will take all technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data of my clients are secure, in accordance with the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). The privacy policy that arises in connection with data management is constantly available on my website.

My Facebook pages:



The purpose of using the Facebook page: advertising on social media and presenting my activities and references. Facebook may also use the data for its own purposes, including profiling the subject and targeting it with other ads. I have no influence on the type, extent and processing of this data, I do not receive personal data from the Facebook operator. You can find more information on this on the Facebook page.