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About Newborn photography sessions
A very warm welcome to you!
My name is Linda Zsolnai. I am a newborn, maternity and family photographer in Budapest.

It is an extraordinary experience to photograph new-born babies. My objective is to eternalize this wonderful, fast disappearing period of your child’s life in beautiful photographs.

Choose newborn photography with me!

Newborn photography is my main profile and I’ve photographed a lot of newborns over the years, so you can be sure your baby will be the safest during the photography. In addition to attending several newborn photography workshops, I worked as a babysitter for nearly 8 years, caring primarily for babies. I think it’s mainly because of this that I can photograph newborns with the utmost security and peace of mind. When photographing a newborn, I always prefer natural poses, settings that are comfortable for the baby as well, and of course safe.

Photography in your own home or in studio

I usually go to the family’s home for taking photos of newborn babies but the photo session could be in the studio as well.

What is the most ideal time for the newborn photography session?

To take pictures of a new-born baby is the most ideal at their age of 5-10 days. At that time they spend the majority of the day sleeping peacefully, so we can take cute sleeping photos of them. During photographing, which usually takes 2-3 hours, we absolutely take the baby’s rhythm in consideration, and we calm down or feed the baby if it is necessary.

When should I apply for a newborn photo shoot?

It is worth getting in contact with me even during pregnancy(in the 7th-8th month) if you want to have photos taken of your new-born baby. It is important to have time to talk about all the details, and to make an appointment for a day after the baby’s birth.

What do we need to provide for photography?

I provide the necessary accessories and beautiful baby clothes for the  photography session. I have a number of handmade custom clothes, blankets, headbands, caps. All I will ask of you is to set free a small area in the living room where we fit most comfortably to do the newborn photography session.

How do I prepare for newborn photography?

I would like to write a few things about the preparations for the photography session. Most importantly, on the day of the photo shoot, do everything according to the usual routine, according to the rhythm of the baby. We know that with a newborn baby, every day is different, nothing can be planned in advance. Sleeping, feeding will happen in the same way as in the previous days, with the difference that in the meantime we take some beautiful pictures of the baby. The point is to have a good time during the photo shoot and have a nice memory to remember.

For more information, feel free to contact me at the contact details below, I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have!

Linda Zsolnai

Phone: + 3670-600-1225

Email: info@zseelphotography.com